We understand that our skills add value to our investments and thus mitigate risk. Our managers & advisors come from a variety of backgrounds: production, marketing, sales, finance, law, management, international transactions, and other professional areas - and provide management support to our portfolio companies. We effect knowledge transfer at the portfolio company level, constantly looking for ways to add value through hands-on management.

Mr. Donald Ruan

Chairman of the Board

Donald brings along extensive experience in executive management, international trading to Dragon Ventures. Donald has been in America over 29 years as a US citizen and is native of China, which gives him the opportunity to bridge the West and East. He is respected in both worlds for his integrity and ability. Donald has been a TEC (The Executives Committee) member, founder, and CEO of Ascenda Corporation, a company dedicated to enhancing the profitability of foreign companies in manufacturing and supply chain with affiliated offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing, Taipei, Chicago, Richmond and New York.

Donald has extensive experience running consumer electronics manufacturing companies having been CEO of ProView Technology, KDS, Waffer, MAG Innovision, and CTX International. Donald has been a board member of Waffer Tech - The world's largest magnesium injection molder, ARC United and MAG Innovision. He has served as a partner in Unico International and as Executive VP at Taiwan and Hong Kong Trading Co - The largest government subsidized trading firm in Taiwan. He has also served as Chief Resident Representative in Shanghai for China Development Financial Holdings Corporation, an arm of the investment banker in Asia.

Mr. Jason Barzilay

Executive Director

Board Director

Mr. Barzilay founded his first US Company, UJI Supply in 1978 and shortly after that he founded Cal-Circuit Sales ?a Los Angeles based computer memory products distributor. In 1983, Mr. Barzilay merged Cal-Circuit Sales with Abco Sales, to form "Cal-Abco?which became the largest independent distributor of computer memory chips in the US with annual revenue of more than $500 million.

In 1986, Mr. Barzilay co-founded Packard Bell, Inc., a manufacturer of home PC. By early 1990's, Packard Bell was recognized as one of the fastest growing PC companies and by mid-1990’s the anuual sales figure exceeded $4.5 billions. Packard Bell products were sold in more than 8,000 retail outlets in US and in dozens of countries worldwide. Packard Bell was sold to NEC in 1998.

Deciding to pursue his life-long visions of simplifying the computing experience and enhancing communications, Mr. Barzilay founded Argoquest in 1996. Since its incorporation, Argoquest had invested in excess of $100 million in more than 60 hi-tech ventures, most of which are Israeli-related and all are based on proprietary technologies . Among those, BreezeCOM Ltd and PowerDsine Ltd. both IPO’ed in NASDAQ, while Modem-Art Ltd was acquired by Agere Systems Inc. and ApproxiMATCH, Inc. was acquired by Amdocs.

Mr. Philip Chang

CEO & President

Board Director

Philip was very instrumental in Packard Bell’s growth as the consumer computer leader in US. He was recruited from Tatung, a leading Taiwanese technology manufacturer by Packard Bell to be the first employee and was Packard Bell’s Executive VP for engineering and manufacturing. Philip was responsible for the engineering and manufacturing of all products and versions Packard Bell produced over a 9 year period. This position included the management of multiple contract manufacturing relationships throughout Asia, as well as development and implementation of new technologies that kept Packard Bell in a leadership position within the computer industry. Monthly production levels reached over 350,000 units.

After leaving Packard Bell, Philip joined AST Computers as the EVP of engineering where he was the key in developing a new series of computers for this company and relaunching the company. Philip then founded and acted as President of iSystems and, with a team of former Packard Bell colleagues developed and sold PCs, Internet appliances, and monitors.

Philip was born and educated in Taiwan where he received his ME from the Tatung Institute of Technology. After University, he was sent to the Los Angeles by Tatung as the National Sales Manager of the display division.

Mr. Bryan Liu

Director of Sales and Marketing

Board Director

Bryan has been an achieved entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience focusing on bringing major consumer electronics and automotive brands and products into China. In 1989 Bryan found SUIDE, a Hong Kong based International Trading company. In the earlier year of SUIDE, Bryan secured exclusive distributionship for ESSO’s lubricant product and soon he became Chrysler Jeep’s primary distributor in Greater China.

Concurrently, Bryan introduced the first ever Motorola’s paging device to China. Shortly, he brought Compaq PC into the Chinese market and gained enormous amount of success. Following the same model, Bryan introduced DEC?servers, Espon’s printers, and D-Link’s routing modules to China and enjoyed significant footprint and growth.

Mr. Michael Chiang

Board Director

With over 30 years experiences in the IT industry, Michael Chiang is recognized as one of the most impactful leaders in the electronic industries during 1980’s. Michael assumed the senior factory manager in the number one calculator manufacturer in Taiwan at his early year career. Following its success, Michael established a worldwide renowned electronic company "GVC Computer Corp." ?once the biggest modem manufacturer that over 60% of the modems worldwide were supplied by GVC.

In 2003, Michale created MobiNote Technology Corp., positioned as an Entertainment Solution Provider, aiming to develop intelligent portable device, integrated with value-added application software.

Mr. Daniel Wu

Director of Project Management

Daniel was selected into Philips?Leadership Program post college in 1995 focusing optical-magnetic product line. Quickly promoted to Segment Marketing Manager, Daniel created $100M annual revenue with market share increased from 0% to 70% in 2 years.

After Philips, Daniel joined Shanghai World Trade Co., Ltd., under Shanghai Industry Investment Group in 1999 as VP new business development, where he secured $300M revenue under his direct effort based on a $10M initiating fund. Daniel was creative in international supply-chain management and trading finance ?realizing 1M DVD shipment and registering $70M sales in only two months.

Daniel accumulated 13 years of extensive experience in marketing, sales, supply-chain and financing operation. He obtained his B.S Electrical Engineering in Fudan University in Shanghai and an MBA from Strathclyde University of UK.

Mr. Stan Liu

Senior Project Manager

Stan has over 8 years of experience in product development and product marketing of high technology product with emphasis on RF & Wireless communication arena. He started his career as a millimeter wave test engineer with JPL-NASA and later focused on R&D of Microwave subsystem for defense electronics, securing design-wins from Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, and Boeing Company, etc.

He also served as the Vice President of Program for Silicon Valley-China Wireless Technology Association to organize technical seminars and workshops. He conducted several global consulting projects with Dell, FedEx, Nestle, Brazil Ltda, Starbucks, and Saga-Unitek Venture Capital LLC.

Stan holds a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from University of California, Davis, an International Management Certificate from University of Oxford, and a Master of Business Administration from Georgetown University.

Mr. Zhuang Xiao Tian

Board Of Advisors

Retired Deputy Mayor of Shanghai, Ex-Chairman/ Founder of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank.

Eliora Z. Ron PhD

Board Of Advisors

President Elect of BAM (Bacteriology and Applied Microbiology) in the International Union of Microbiological Societies. She received her MSc cum laude from Israel’s Hebrew University in 1962 and her PhD from Harvard University in 1967. She is known for the bioremediation of Haifa beach from oil pollution in 1998, and is a world leader in combating environmental pollution with Bacteria.

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