Our relationships with our partners are an integral part of how we bring value to our portfolio companies. Dragon Ventures has the privilege of working with many outstanding organizations, including world leaders in global sourcing, brand management & licensing, barter trading, consulting, etc, we bring the capabilities of many varied experts to maximize investors’ values.

Ascenda Corporation

Ascenda Corporation, headquartered in Hong Kong with offices in Shanghai, Singapore, Los Angeles, Chicago, Richmond, Barcelona, and Mexico City, specializes in establishing and enhancing B2B relationships. Dragon Ventures’ portfolio companies are benefitted from Ascenda’s management expertise as well as resources in numerous global consumer markets.



Argoquest founded in 1997, provides Dragon Ventures with an un-matched access to proprietary technologies all originating from the world’s most famous “lab” – the State of Israel and its intelligence, academic and practice legacies. Argoquest,, focuses on identifying, funding, developing and managing a network of cutting-edge technology companies.

Premier Resources International

PRI, an expert in product sourcing, gives Dragon Ventures an unique advantage by providing over 40 years of experiences in full import supply chain service fulfillment, Asian and Domestic strategy development, distribution, logistics, factory evaluation/qualification audit, product QA and QC.

Ryan Retail Consulting

Ryan Retail Consulting make its clients more effective at retail by working as partners with clients management teams to implement innovative, workable solutions to ever-changing retail challenges. Ryan Retail Consulting supports Dragon Ventures’ portfolio companies gain profitable market share through improved retail strategies and buyer support.  



AB&T serves as a nationwide sales and marketing organization representing Consumer Electronics and Computer Technology products. AB&T manages full-service channel programs to support the Retail, Two-Tier Distribution, System Integration, eCommerce and Export markets. The company stands alone as a long term, profitable and diversified company with operating divisions in Telecom, Direct Import/Contract Buying and Manufacture Rep businesses. With six offices in the US, China and Mexico, AB&T share a common back office structure and management team with decades of experience to support all business units.

Argent Trading

Since 1958, Argent Trading has been creating innovative financial solutions for mid-size to large companies to help them find and restore value to the most challenging assets. Argent specializes in corporate trading including aging inventory to excess capacity, distressed real estate to under-performing loans.


LMCA Is expert at putting top-notch companies together with known brand names through strategic brand extension licensing, brand acquisition licensing, and consulting. LMCA presents opportunities directly to Dragon Ventures’ portfolio companies advancing to the next level in market expansion and breakthrough.

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