We target companies with high potential, sustainable and stable business model and seek to bolster their business model by taking them to the next level in production, marketing and business development. We also focus on late-stage companies, with "market-ready" products/ technologies, which we know the target global organizations would want to endorse.  We pursue flexible exit strategies, including M&A options. Our strengths in management support and our access to the global markets allow us to maximize the latent enterprise value of any specific company.



Company/Product. Established in 2000, Solido designs/manufactures Rapid Prototype Machine (3D printer) that turns 3D CAD drawings into physical models to enable innovation and enhance product development. Solido raised $7.5M up to date with 4 Solidimension Patents, 2 Licensed from Kira, and 5 licensed from Cubic. Solido’s 3D printers are currently distributed in 16 countries and growing.

Core Technologies. Compact and light-weight, Solido’s 3D printer is the only “desktop” printer in the world with simple yet intuitive operation and an affordable price tag for both the machine and the consumables. The 3D printer produces models of rich details with superior mechanical properties thanks to the unique “Lamination-Cut Modeling” technology.



Company/Product.Founded in 1996, Yitran provides cutting edge power line communication modem technology for home networking and AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) applications over existing electrical infrastructure.

Core Technologies. Yitran delivers advanced, extremely reliable, low-cost, high-speed home networking components for control networks over power lines. The DCSK patented modulation technique (US patent #6,064,695) and a proprietary, error-correction code schemes enable superb reliability over noisy power lines. Yitran’s IT800 was subsquently selected as baseline technology platform for HomePlug, Microsoft eHome, etc.



Company/Product. Developed by the team behind VocalTec, RayV offers a peer-to-peer based high resolution video platform for content providers for international broadcasting over IP.

Core Technologies. Utilizing RayV’s platform, videos are broadcasted in TV quality (up to 1.2Mbps, at QVGA resolution, 30FPS) without the need of centralized servers for streaming. In RayV’s P2P scheme, RayV Grid, each user while downloading is simultaneously uploading to other users, thus expanding the overall bandwidth.



Company/Product. InfraCom specializes in short range, interference-free wireless communication IC’s targeting home entertainment to enable wireless audio setup. The future applications lie in healthcare and defense/aviation market where the environment is filled with RF emissions and crowded with RF based devices.

Core Technologies. InfraCom’s breakthrough technology - Diffused Infrared (DIRTM) features high immunity to RF interferences operating in a non-regulated band. It brings true Hi-Fi Audio (uncompressed at 24bits/48kHz) with high bit rates - Up to 10s of Mbps with no latency.



Company/Product. Intelitek is a world-leading developer, producer and supplier of Blended Learning Technology Training Systems, a comprehensive training solutions for engineering, manufacturing, automation and industrial technologies, including CAD, CAM, CNC, robotics, industrial maintenance, mechatronics, FMS, and CIM.

Core Technologies. Intelitek’s unique E-learning program (LearnMate) is an activity and project-based program works seamlessly with its hardware and software, such as PC based robots, machine vision, computer integrated manufacturing, and 3D graphic simulation software to maximize learning.



Company/Product. Established in 2000, IOImage offers intelligent security video solutions including high-performance video encoders and cameras with built-in powerful video analytics that are uniquely designed and packaged for simple installation and operation.

Core Technologies. IOImage’s video analysis, surveillance, hardware and software are powered by VTD technology, a next-generation behavioral analysis and learning technology that automatically identifies and tracks intruders, threats, and incidents while maintaining low false-alarm rate.



Company/Product. IQ Colour offers a revolutionary new color system for converting RGB digital color images from digital cameras and scanners to optimized, print-ready, CMYK files to reduce printing ink cost, typically 30% - 40%.

Core Technologies. The IQ Colour’s solution delivers a new image rendering science and addresses key challenges of today’s GCR (Gray Component Replacement) and UCA (Under Color Additions) approaches. IQ Colour components make RGB to CMYK conversions for image files at lower cost and shortened time.



Company/Product. Based in Tel Aviv, Israel and New York, US, Odysii provides Point-of-Sale hardware and software to enable businesses to communicate with customers onsite effectively with targeted messages displayed – to impact customers buying decision.

Core Technologies. Odysii’s patent pending Data Driven Creation enables the automatic promotion information displayed on in-store screens by recognizing when a pre-defined rules & conditions are met. Promotional actions are triggered in real time, new contents are created on-the-fly, and delivered on-screen.


Pimi Agro

Company/Product. Established in 2004, Pimi Argo developed solutions that suppress the sprouting activity in stored vegetables and improve the quality and the shelf-life of fruits and vegetables. The solution protects valuable crops from deterioration in quality and shrinkage in a residue-free, environmentally friendly manner.

Core Technologies. Pimi Agro utilizes a unique formulation of Stabilized Hydrogen Peroxide (STHP) is to Inhibit potato sprouting during storage and later on breaks down into oxygen and water, creating a O2 enriched environment and thus a relative low level of CO2 stress-less atmosphere for potatoes. This O2 enriched atmosphere together with high relative humidity relaxes all metabolic processes within the crop.



Company/Product. Began research in 2002 and founded in 2006, Kaiima focuses on dramatically increasing crop productivity – bigger plants, more primary and secondary metabolites per volume, higher plant yield potential, enhanced photosynthesis, and improved adaptability to extreme climates, improved resistance to dryness, extreme pH and soil toxicity, etc.

Core Technologies. Kaiima’s Clean Genome Multiplication (CGM) technology is a biotechnology platform induces clean polyploidy in plants. CGM is a proprietary set of protocols that direct the active chemicals used in the genome-multiplication process away from the sensitive DNA, which stays unharmed - keeping the plant fertile and genetically stable. Kaiima's CGM technology has been successfully tested in several different plant varieties such as castor, rapeseed, sugarcane, rice, and wheat.


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